On April 20, 2012, on our way to the Sugarland concert at Mississippi State University, we tweeted that we would personally (Angie & Karin) donate $100 to ACP if Jennifer and Kristian wore Sugarbands on stage the next night during the show. Sugarland fans quickly jumped on board and began pledging donations as well.  

By the time the show started, we had $550 worth of pledges. We made a sign that read “$550 DONATION TO ATTIC COMMUNITY PLAYGROUND IF YOU WEAR SUGARBANDS ON STAGE! #DOIT”.  

During the guitar giveaway, while Kristian was out in the audience, I raised the sign ever so slightly when the lights were off of Jennifer. She read it and without hesitation, looked at me, nodded, and said, “Of course!”  We were then scrambling to figure out how we were going to get them up to her because the stage set-up was such that there was a gap between the fans and the stage and the security personnel were clearly no help to fans previously during the show when they asked for thrown picks they couldn’t reach, etc. DILEMMA!

After Kristian gave away the guitar, Jennifer told him to come down front and grab signs from the fans to bring back on stage. OPPORTUNITY! As Kristian passed, I handed him 3 Sugarbands and … actually yelled at the poor man … JENNIFER SAID YOU WOULD WEAR THEM! He sweetly nodded, took them, and headed up on stage. He put the pink “Change Your Mind” Sugarband on Jennifer and, as she turned toward us, she said, “And we have some Sugarbands. Awesome. (I think she said, “For charity.”) We love these. (pointed to us) Thank you. What a great idea.” All of our friends and we were screaming when they did that. Kristian put the “Stand Up” band on (inside out *smile) then turned to Annie and gave her the “Lifetime for a Day” Sugarband.  What great sports!!!!  Even after Jennifer and Kristian wore them, fans were still sending us Tweets, DM’s, texts, etc. saying they wanted to contribute.  After all was said and done, we ended up with almost $650 pledged to ACP!  

Even as I’m typing this, I am getting emotional. What a great gesture by the Sugarfamily! You are all amazing and I know for a fact that ACP truly appreciates all of your support for them just as we appreciate you so much for supporting Sugarbands.

Enjoy the pictures and we hope to see you on the road at a Sugarland show soon!!!

Much love,

Angie & Karin (Sugarbands)


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